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Annual Leadership Development Conference

Advancing Women’s Leadership in Law Enforcement

2009 Conference | 2008 Conference | 2005 Conference | 2003 Conference | 2002 Conference | 2001 Conference

The National Center for Women & Policing holds an annual leadership training conference each spring. We encourage officials in federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies within all fields of criminal justice to attend, as well as criminal justice researchers and educators, prosecutors, psychologists, elected and appointed public officials and community leaders working to improve law enforcement.

By providing the opportunity for policing officials to gather each year, we hope to educate participants about the importance of increasing the numbers of women in law enforcement at all ranks and to promote progressive departmental and agency reform. The agenda offers many opportunities for participants to examine the necessity of increasing the numbers of women in law enforcement and provides information on the tools needed to achieve those goals.

In addition to a focus on leadership roles for women in policing, each conference offers discussion and training on the most current issues facing law enforcement at that time. For example, in 2002 the conference agenda included sessions on combating domestic and international terrorism, stopping hate crimes, and investigating acquaintance sexual assault. In 2001, sessions were held on making the transition to community policing, the challenges and benefits of using new technology in law enforcement, and excessive force and gender.



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